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PSHE Department


I am the teacher of PSHE at Egerton High School. My main focus is to instil life skills and values into the students so when they leave they will be resilient, caring, understanding and knowledgeable people. Mrs Rowan is my teaching assistant for this subject and she brings   years of experience to harness all that we do in PSHE.

PSHE is a flexible subject and I try to adapt my lessons to fit with current themes and make them as relevant to the students as possible. We cover topics such as; Drugs education, healthy lifestyles, emotional wellbeing and personal finance.


My name is Louise Rowan and I am the PSHE teaching assistant.  My role is to assist the teacher with teaching the pupils learning and to encourage them to become more confident within themselves as this will in the long run help them achieve success.

PSHE is a great subject to be part of. We cover a wide variety of topics such as emotional wellbeing, healthy lifestyles and making informed career choices. Each pupil is encouraged to voice their opinion and to value the opinion given by others. We also link in with what we are doing with the school theme as much as possible.  


The units in Personal and Social Education (PSE) compliment the three core themes in the PSHE Association's Programme of Study: Health and wellbeing, Relationships and Living in the wider world. There are five levels of qualification available in PSE: Entry 1, Entry 2, Entry 3, Level 1 and Level 2. All work is adapted to suit each student's level of ability so they can achieve either an award or certificate in this subject. This qualification gives them points to help the students’ access courses in college.


The current unit of focus is Emotional Wellbeing. This fits into the KS3 themed curriculum of ‘Crime’ by assessing how going to prison can have an impact on a person's mental health. Through discussion we are able to examine how other things impact on our Emotional Wellbeing too.