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Personal Social Development

PSHE in the “HIVE” Nurture Department

Topics covered during PSHE sessions in the nurture department focus on building basic, core social skills and an awareness of the world. With a holistic, relatable approach, students are imbued with the ability to communicate their emotions and opinions with confidence.

A combination of group discussions, team activities, role playing and regular trips follow termly themes and enable a broad range of differentiation to accommodate all levels of ability. Lessons have a fluid structure, which keeps students interested and enables us to adapt our programme to meet even the most specific needs.

Following the current curriculum theme ‘Crime’, we are investigating the laws that affect our daily lives, how they’ve changed in the past and how they might evolve in the future.


Personal and Social Development sessions aim to encourage students to make the right choices in school and in life. The focus is on self-control and self-worth. Students have the opportunity through discussion and the sharing of ideas to develop greater compassion and empathy for others.  To become more open minded, confident, independent thinkers with a passion for learning.

Integral to the Personal and Social Development ethos at Egerton High School is the belief that students can gain deeper understanding, sensibilities and empathy by prioritising opportunities for them to experience learning in less constricted spaces and by engaging with the wider world. This also facilitates time away from screens and promotes face to face interaction with new people and this balances their curriculum diet. Helping students to manage risks in the city centre is a priority as well as focusing on a greater understanding of healthy eating and the choices they can make in terms of consumption.
Outdoor Learning
One of our Year 7 students proved his talents in gardening! He worked hard at creating and burying a time capsule which he will dig up in a year. He dedicated himself to decorating the area with a range of flowers and plants found in our outdoor space. We were super impressed with his eye for detail and colour! 
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