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Yoga and Mindfulness

                                    Yoga and Mindfulness


Yoga sessions here at Egerton, are specially tailored for children and young people, using methods that are research-based to ensure the students benefit from calm, nurturing sessions and leave the room with strategies to use in their daily lives.


Sessions begin with games or activities designed to ‘centre’ the mind and control the breath, creating a strong sense of calm. Sensory activities using, for example, feathers or bells are used to encourage mindfulness and a clear focus on the session ahead.  Next, yoga postures with regulated breathing improve confidence, balance, attention spans and strength/flexibility. Themes or sequences such as nature are used for younger students to encourage engagement. Each session concludes with a guided meditation to create deep relaxation throughout the whole body, followed by ‘anchoring’ this feeling so that the student can find their way back to a calm, relaxed state whenever they choose to.


Mindfulness is a popular, simple yet highly effective way of regulating mood and is used in the treatment of conditions such as depression and anxiety. Students are introduced to mindful colouring, walking and sitting, sometimes outdoors if weather permits. Mindful breathing is arguably the most effective technique; ‘square breathing’ training, for example, is used by the military to focus the mind and reduce unhelpful panic reactions in stressful life or death situations!