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At Egerton High School, as a staff, we believe the following to be our highest values:


We will aspire to achieve these values as outcomes of our policies for our students, and also in the way we manage their behaviours. Our behaviour management processes, practices and policies will aim to promote our highest shared values.


We recognise that our students will learn/develop these values via 3 means:

1. Our verbal scripts: the way we question inappropriate behaviours/use of language, use appropriate words ourselves, and the repeated use of affirmations relating to our shared highest values


2. Our model behaviours: the way we demonstrate how to react/respond through appropriate behaviours ourselves, related explicitly to our shared highest values


3. Dealing with critical incidents: the way we deal professionally with critical incidents, and pursue win-win outcomes with explicit reference to our highest values


Consistency: in our behaviours, our dealings with others


Rationalisation: the desire and ability to understand and moderate our behaviour


Love and compassion: the ability to display common decency and understanding towards each other


Respect: feelings of high self-worth and due regard to the importance of others


Humility: to avoid arrogance in our views, words and actions; express gratitude for positives


Honesty, fairness and a sense of justice: the ability to see and do the morally right things; to treat all with parity and equality


Team work: our ability to co-operate with, value the role of, and give space to others


Trust: to inspire confidence in ourselves and express confidence in others


Communication: our ability to speak properly and non-verbally communicate well: objectively, politely, clearly and confidently


Resilience, self-control, understanding: our ability to see and aim towards long term goals, beyond our immediate emotional reaction to something; our ability to not give up easily until we reach our goal


Justice: fairness in our judgements and thoughts


Responsibility: for our actions, and our accountable areas