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Toby-Our therapy dog

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Toby the Therapy Dog


Hi, I’m Toby, a therapy dog who works with the students at Egerton High School. I am based within the Year 7 Nurture classroom but I support students who are feeling stressed or anxious all around the school. Students can ask for me whenever they need support and I’m often taken to the playground or out into the community or countryside for wellness walks. I enjoy helping students in the classroom whilst they work and sometimes the students even include me in their learning. I have taken part in English, PSD, Art, PE and Science lessons.


Year 8 creative writing on Toby the therapy dog, March 2019

“Hi. My name is Toby and I am a therapy dog. I spend most of my time in Nurture 2. I arrive at school earlier than the other people. When I’m in Nurture 2 all I do is lie on the floor and fall asleep. I like all the students a lot because they all stroke me and play with me. Sometimes when the kids are upset or angry I come up to them and calm them down. Sometimes when I’m out on the field I run as fast as I can. I love the pupils of the school just as much as they love me.”

Picture 1