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Student support

The pastoral team believe the wellbeing of the child is paramount and as such we work holistically to help pupils understand themselves and the world around them.  We develop an atmosphere of mutual respect and caring, which creates a sense of belonging within our school community.  We believe by role modelling positive values, this will encourage and help motivate our students to be successful.


Our aim is to raise the aspirations and resolve of our pupils, to improve their emotional literacy and resilience, so that they will have a better chance of accessing their education.  This in turn  will give them better life chances and inform their decisions in their futures.



Senior Student Leadership Team (SSLT) 


Here at Egerton we have developed a Senior Student Leadership Team, also known as SSLT.  This was designed to further our peer to peer mentoring.

Our mentoring programme has been very successful in assisting learning in every lesson by pairing our younger students with personal student mentors to provide help in motivating and feeling heard in the different areas of learning. In practice, Student Leadership can take a number of forms – from classroom- based practices through to engaging students in activities and events.

Since the birth of SSLT, students have enjoyed a sense of responsibility and trust. We have allocated different members of the SSLT in certain areas throughout the school day. In acknowledging their interpersonal skills and overall abilities, we have deployed several roles and responsibilities tailored to the needs of our school. These areas include: Nurture, Behaviour support, Therapy, School Maintenance and Event Planning.

Each term the SSLT plan a day event around the annual calendar and host a variety of activities that support our school curriculum.

We believe the student in our SSLT offer a bridge between staff and our younger pupils. In addition, they are able to demonstrate role model behaviour and offer positive advice and also share their Egerton experience from when they started.

This a very powerful and useful asset to our school and the engagement from our students within the SSLT and those who utilise it, have all greatly benefitted.


 Here are two members of our SSLT when they gave a tour of our school to the Mayor of Trafford.

Picture 1