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The Science department has taken a new approach to delivering the subject through Health Sciences, Social Sciences and Basic Science. Work is tailored to relevant modules linked to interests and lifestyles of the learners. We work in partnership with the learners to collaborate a student preference led scheme of work that engages them to expand their interest and learning.


I have chosen to deliver an AQA Unit award scheme which is a recognised qualification. This award has no formal exam enabling students to work at their own pace and reach their potential. There are four levels of qualification available in Science: Pre Entry level, Entry level, Level 1 and Level 2. Evidence of learning is displayed in a portfolio and submitted each term. Following the completion of each unit, students receive a certificate kept in their own awards file which is presented to them at the end of their school career.

Some examples of the units covered include, birth, smoking, cannabis awareness, breathing, food chains and food webs, inheritance & DNA, Human reproduction system and much more. 


The current unit of focus is Cannabis Awareness and it fits into the KS3 themed curriculum ‘Crime’, exploring the effects on the human body, repercussions of consuming and selling cannabis, reviewing the law in different geographical settings.