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Pupil Premium expenditure: September 2015- July 2016

Allocation of funding for 2015/16




Alternative/Additional Provision support



Key worker mentoring (£13 p/h x 1 hr each week)



Key work activity funding



Family Support



Educational Welfare Officer



Exam Access Arrangement testing






Total Expenditure 






Total Pupil Premium income for 2015/16 - £32,288






  • Number of pupils on roll – 65
  • Number of pupils qualifying for Pupil Premium Grant – 34
  • Grant value: £935 per qualifying pupil from free school meal, £1900 for Looked After Children
  • Size of grant for 2015/16 – £32,600


Focus for 2015/16

  1. Support for poorest attenders in school through provision of a key worker and support from the E.W.O. service.
  2. Support in GCSE exams through testing for access arrangement support.
  3. Support for pupils on alternative provision.
  4. Support for families.



Impact of Pupil Premium funding for 2015/16

  1. 60% of pupils qualifying for pupil premium are showing an improvement in attendance.
  2. All Year 11 pupil premium pupils have necessary support in place for their GCSE exams.
  3. All alternative provision places have been fully supported with the result that any problems in AP placements have been quickly dealt with and continuity of education protected.