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Pupil Premium expenditure: September 2013 - July 2014

Allocation of funding for 2013/14
Literacy Consultant: £10,346

1:1 Mentor for specific pupils: £5,250
Materials: Oxford University Press: £1,841
One quarter of TA4 salary £7,141

Total Expenditure £24,578


Total Pupil premium income for 2013/14 – £23,758



  • Number of pupils on roll – 38
  • Number of pupils qualifying for Pupil Premium Grant – 34
  • Grant value – £900 per qualifying pupil (for full year, some pupils attended for part of year)
  • Size of grant for 2013/14 – £24,778.00


Focus for 2013/14

  1. To improve the delivery of English to the whole school.
  2. To provide increased 1:1 support for specific under-performing pupils.


Impact of Pupil Premium funding for 2013/14

  1. A new English teacher from a mainstream background has been supported in becoming an effective SEBD practitioner. Pupil progress in English improved as a result.
  2. A small cohort of pupils with poor engagement was targeted. Their behaviour on class improved leading to increased progress for them and a reduction in distractions for their peers.
  3. Pupils with low reading ages have received 1:1 support leading to improved levels of literacy observed across all areas of the curriculum leading to improved progress for them.