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BBC Radio 2 500 words

Our Year 7 and 8 pupils have again taken part in Radio 2's 500 word competition. 


Here is Hayden's story:


Christmas Day

Haz and Kane woke up bright and early one frosty Christmas morning. They began opening their massive stack of presents. Afterwards, they spotted an extra tiny present almost hidden away in a darkened corner of the room. Kane said to Haz, "Shall we open it?" Haz said, "Yes!"
When they prized it open they discovered a beautiful little locket. It contained a scribe saying, "Don't open." Haz announced, "I'm going to open it." Kane worriedly replied, "No!" Gently, Haz unravelled the small gift. Soon afterwards Kane entered a bleak, dark tunnel. Haz trotted in and when he arrived at the end there was a little sea green elf who asked, "Where am I?" The elf responded indignantly with, "The North Pole." Haz proceeded to enquire if the elf knew where his brother was. The elf efficiently informed Haz that he was in the Queen's palace. The elf looked rather concerned and described the route to the Palace. "Go past the fiery dragon's den, over the nasty troll's bridge, then the Elf Parade and finally the Death Garden.
Haz set off on his journey and as he walked he heard snoring. The dreadful sound reminded him of a pneumatic drill making holes in the road. He continued until a dragon appeared in front of him. Haz let out an almighty scream which immediately woke the gigantic dragon up from his deep slumber! The eyes of the dragon began feasting upon Haz until a rapid chase followed. Fortunately, Haz spotted a tree and sprung up it at lightning speed. The dragon sped away from him. Haz wiped the dripping sweat off his head and then he carefully climbed back down the chunky tree trunk.
Haz drudged on and arrived at the bridge where the troll lives. He attempted to cross over, however every time he mustered up the courage to do so, the terrifying troll came out and chanted," Don't cross over my bridge!" in a gruff voice. Haz made a wise decision to locate a wooden plank from a skip next to him and endeavoured to make a bridge. Unfortunately the piece of wood was too short. He searched for an alternative piece of wood and then retrieved a bit of super glue from the undergrowth and firmly stuck the wood together. It was that strong that Haz was able to tap a merry dance along it. Carelessly he tripped over the piece of wood and performed back flips into the freezing murky water where the trolls pee in every day-It stank! Quickly, he swam across the water and escaped up the river bank and saw a sign saying the Queen's Palace. In the distance they heard music from the Elf Parade and couldn't get past. A police car moved the parade out of the way. When Haz arrived at the palace he couldn't get in due to the fierce guards. Haz begged and pleaded and began to cry and explain how much he had missed his brother, Kane.