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Fit for Learning (FFL)

Fit for Learning (FFL)


All of our key stage 3 students partake in Fitness for Learning sessions every morning five days a week. The rationale behind this approach was introduced around 12 months ago as a result of the growing body of research that links physical activity to improvements in achievement and behaviour.


“Studies from the universities of Strathclyde and Dundee, for example, found that intensive exercise boosted the performance of teenagers in English, Maths and Science"


FFL is ideal for our students who struggle to sleep at night, who need to run off energy and who may also have an ADHD condition. We have found that FFL contributes positively to counteract all of these issues and helps energize tired students. This has resulted in improved engagement in lessons. Furthermore, FFL has had a positive impact on improved focus and concentration in other lessons. Research also states;


“This is partly because physical activity improves brain function. Games that are unpredictable and require problem-solving may also boost executive functioning (the skills that help the brain to organise and act on information), which can transfer to academic tasks"


In addition to this students are becoming more tolerant of one another and are slowly starting to work better in groups.