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Welcome! When you enter our School, you become a member of our extraordinary community ... Welcome ... Egerton High School ... Teamwork ... Inspiration ... Achievement ... Welcome ... Egerton High School ... Proud of our differences ... Welcome ... Egerton High School ... Each of us valuable in our individuality ... Egerton High School ... T.E.A.M. ... Together. Egerton. Achieves. More. ... Welcome ... Egerton High School ... Led by values, driven by outcomes ...

Ethos and aims

At Egerton High School our core aims are:


To provide an quality education which places importance on the development of the whole person - academically, emotionally and socially.


To provide an environment where each student is required to develop to the full extent of their ability, where each person is valued and is made aware that they have the potential to make a positive contribution to the school community.


To help every learner to build a good self image.


To provide interesting and engaging learning opportunities designed to promote the basic skills of communication, language, literacy and numeracy, opening the gateway to academic and vocational qualifications.


To foster and develop aesthetic, cultural and creative understanding, to introduce students into the world of the arts, to develop a sense of heritage and appreciation for the locality, community and world, and to develop a sense of spiritual awareness.


To build strong relationships between home and school.


To provide equal opportunities and treat all individuals fairly.


To value and celebrate the diversity of our society and to promote respect and tolerance.


To use technology where appropriate to enhance the children’s learning.


Our Vision Statement is:


“Our goal is to equip our young people with high self-esteem so they can achieve their true potential and have the confidence and life skills to make positive life choices.”